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What Jobs Can You Get at 14?

It’s never too early when it comes to a job, and if you’re a 14-year-old teenager, there are a plethora of job opportunities to kick-start your career. You can easily find jobs with a minimum age of 13, and they’ll be amazing for your CV as each job provides you with valuable experiences.

The best thing about jobs in your early teen? No need to ask your parents for pocket money, you can pay for that PlayStation game with your hard-earned money!

But there’s a problem. Even though the employment opportunities are there, you’ll still need to figure out the perfect job for you.

You’re only 14, so there are many rules and regulations depending on which state you’re residing in. But worry not, we have made a list of potential jobs that might suit you at such a young age. If you’re wondering what jobs can you get at 14 – we got that covered!

How Many Hours Can a 14-Year-Old Be Allowed to Work?

Work permit for teenagers depend entirely on the state laws, so before you go for a particular job, you should know the minimum age to apply and the job duties. In many states, there are strict rules regarding the work hour for teenagers.

Also, there are safety rules in different jobs where they don’t allow teenagers to work. But apart from that, most workplaces have some common work hour rules.

Since you’re a teen, the chances are high that you’ll have to balance between your first job and your school/college. Now the common rule for schoolgoers according to the fair labor standards act is a maximum of 3 hours on a regular school day and a maximum of 8 hours on weekends or non-school days. As a teen, you’re allowed to work between 7 AM to 7 PM, apart from a few exceptions.

The work time limit differs from state to state, but the difference isn’t very significant. If you’re working in state-sponsored programs, the timing might change. You get to work more on labor day as well.

What Jobs Can a 14-Year-Old Get?

We’ve divided the feasible jobs for a teenager into two different parts, in-person opportunities and remote opportunities. The list includes common jobs like food service, local businesses alongside other jobs like pet sitting or dog walking.

What In-Person Jobs Could a 14-Year old Get?

  • Cashier

Working as a cash register or cashier can be a very good start at such a young age. From fast-food restaurants like chick-fil-a to retail stores in the Boston market, you can get a job easily if you have decent customer service skills.

Someone who is smart enough to count money, issue receipts, and do other job duties like balancing a cash drawer should be fine as a cashier.

  • Barista

If you have a knack for making coffee, you can very well try to be a barista. Now at such an age, it’s not easy to be the main barista in a big coffee shop. But you can start working as an apprentice and gradually move your way up to the top.

Preparing coffee beverages, keeping the equipment, work and sitting area clean, and assisting your customers are the common tasks of a Barista. You can take up a Barista Course Melbourne to learn proper skills and increase your chance of getting a job.

  • Caddy

Working in country clubs and golf courses is a dream come true for many teenagers who love golf. As a first job, being a caddy can give you a sense of responsibility. As a caddy, you’ll have to carry golf bags, rake sand bunkers, clean golf balls, and hold flags. You never know when this job might even help you understand your love for golf and take it up as a serious profession. While you may consider taking serious lessons from an expert, setting up golfing enclosures at home (this site here could help you know more) could be a stepping stone in a definite direction!

  • Tutor

If you don’t want professional job duties right away, tutoring can be a fantastic solution for you. It won’t hamper your school hours too, which is a plus. So if you’re a bright student, you can always use it as leverage to earn money.

A tutor’s job includes helping his/her student to focus on their studies and preparing them for different exams. Tutoring, in general, refers to one-on-one time with a student.

  • Busser

Working as a busser is quite good as the payment is more than the minimum wage available. A busser or waiter usually cleans utensils and eating surfaces and carries food and beverage to the customer’s table.

  • Lifeguard

You might be too young for this specific subject or line of work, but if you’re a good swimmer, then you can have a shot at this.

Lifeguards and their team members work in public and private pools to keep the pool environment safe. As a lifeguard, you’ll have to learn about safety rules and teach them to the visitors. You’ll also have to know how to provide immediate treatments like CPR. Having good vision is another requirement as you’ll need to be alert and look out for people in danger. So if needed, get your vision corrected from a LASIK vision center (you can check these LASIK eye surgery reviews for reference) and be physically prepared to become a lifeguard.

  • Dog Walker

If you’re into pets, then there’s no better job for you than being a dog walker. You can do a job like this on weekends, so the school week can go according to plan.

The task is quite simple too, all you have to do is take the dog out for exercise and walk. You might have to take one or more with you. Depending on the dogs and their traits, the walk time may differ.

  • Grocery Bagger

Grocery bagging is probably the easiest of the tasks you can do. All you have to do is assist the customers in the grocery store while they take their groceries to their car. You might have to organize and carry all the groceries, but that’s about it with this job.

  • Dishwasher

Working as a dishwasher at a restaurant like Chick-fil-A might just prove to be a brilliant opportunity for you. As a 14-year-old teen, you’re surely okay with doing dishes. All you have to do is use the skill and clean dishes, cookware and arrange them for good money!

Apart from these, there are some more in-person jobs like working in a food stand as concession workers or being a referee in various sports, or being a camp counselor.

Remote Jobs You Could Get

  • Remote Tutor

Remote tutors have a similar job as an in-person tutor, but they do the tutoring virtually, and you can find job opportunities like this online.

  • Virtual Office Assistant

This is another job that you can do from home if you can coordinate with your team members. The job duties include completing various administrative tasks like organizing spreadsheets, replying to e-mails, or pulling of a virtual office meeting.

Be it a remote or an in-person job, it’s always a great opportunity for 14-year-olds to learn and experience the job market. It’s easy to find jobs for 14-year-olds, but you should be careful about the job not hampering your day-to-day studies. After all, school comes first!

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