Wednesday, September 28

Our Mission Statement

Getting work can be difficult. We all have to be honest about that. Having the chance to write about the work world and help people get into positions that they want to be, whether that be with a company of their dreams or by making their own hustle, is an honor and a privilege, and not one that any person should take lightly. It is a collaborative effort, however. I can write all the content possible, but it takes you, the reader, to take the steps outlined. It can be difficult. It can be scary. But sometimes we must all take a leap of faith and throw ourselves into the wider world.

To help ensure that we are putting out content that can help us do our part, we stick to three key rules.

Rule 1. Be Educational

This one may speak for itself, but the aim of everything we write (and by we, I mean me!) is to be educational and informative. If something isn’t, it shouldn’t be put here. Simple as.

Rule 2. Do the Research

We all have to learn this skill at some point in our lives, and it applies to this site as much as anything else. Finding information that is relevant and up to date is a key tenant of this site, and it is the goal to keep things as accurate as possible.

Rule 3. Understand Everyone Is Different

No two people are the same. Even identical twins have differences between them. And so, generalized statements about job searches and the like serve no use for anyone involved. We must all keep in mind the circumstances of those we’re talking to when we discuss career matters, and understand that what may work for some may not work for all.


These rules are designed to keep things fair and accurate, both for the writer and the reader. Of course, I am only human. As we all are. Mistakes may happen, but please be patient with them as and when they happen.