Monday, June 27

How to Grow Your Personal Brand on YouTube

Building a personal brand on websites like YouTube can be difficult. There is so much talent on the platform that it can be hard to standout. Many of us have seen the success of massive YouTubers pulling in amazing viewership numbers and want a slice of the pie. Rightfully so, we all have something unique to contribute. This is how I am going to show you how to grow your personal brand on YouTube.

Find Your People on the Platform

Because of YouTube’s fantastic success and huge user base you can afford to laser focus on a niche. I would say that niching down is one of the best moves for an up-and-coming YouTuber. Sure, there are people on YouTube who make tons of money and have a huge following from lifestyle and vlog content but because those massive channels exist, you are setting yourself up for failure if you try and copy them. Understand what you can bring to an audience that no other channel currently is.

These days, YouTube gives more value to audience retention then raw view counts. So, if you can focus your content to cater to a dedicated niche of people who get plenty of value out of your content then you will not struggle to grow as a channel. Having a group of people who adore your videos is critical to building a fanbase. Trying to appeal to everyone will probably result in appealing to no one. Ultimately, your channel should be a reflection of you, so this should be reflected in your videos – even down to things like the music you use. For example, if your niche is more alternative, you might want to consider this Royalty Free Metal music, rather than the usual royalty-free music that a lot of creators use.

When you are creating content for this niche, also keep in mind that your content needs to provide value for them. Is your audience getting something out of your content? We could look at massive channels like Linus Tech Tips for example. Their videos aim to education people about new technological developments in the consumer technology space. People clearly find value in his content because they have a group of dedicated fans.

Create Quality Content

Creating great content is the hallmark of any successful YouTube channel. It is not always having high production values that result in quality content either. YouTubers like Pewdiepie shoot all their videos from a bedroom without amazingly high-quality lights and cameras. I believe that quality content is born from a supply and demand relationship. Pewdiepie’s channel has this relatable angle too it because it does not have super high-quality production behind it.

When creating your content, you need to understand the tone that your audience is expecting. If you plan on creating a Youtube channel and business and marketing, then you will probably want to incorporate higher production values like great cameras and microphones. While those elements can improve content, most people care about what you are bringing to the table. What unique insight can you provide that no one else is bringing to the table. Linus Tech Tips presents informative content with fun personalities to keep the audience’s attention.

The formula is different every channel and niche though. Understanding what your audience wants by being in touch with your viewers will make the content creation process simpler. Finding a community that takes value from your content and then sees that your response to criticism is to change content through listening to feedback is generally well received on many YouTube channels.

People also tend to promote themselves on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in addition to YouTube channels. This usually aids in increasing their YouTube followers as well. That is why influencers hire photographers to take the photos they want to post on Instagram. Another reason is that influencers require photographs to be taken from various angles, which only a professional photographer can provide. Some people, for example, use drone photography Boca Raton to capture images from different angles and heights.

Promote Your YouTube Channel

Providing the right value in the perfect niche can only get you so far without promotion. Try making use of other social media platforms that have groups and communities that would benefit from your content. If you had a YouTube channel about making custom guitars, for example, finding music related subreddits on the message board website Reddit might be a good idea. Once you’ve gained some momentum, you can branch out into other marketing strategies such as embroidered clothing that promotes your channel.

Using paid ad services on these social media platforms might be a smart investment as well. Most social media websites allow for advertisements so create some compelling adverts for your content via paid advertising and by posting in forums. Posting in forums can be a great way to get more feedback on your content as well.

However, the most important thing to consider here is to remove any negative result (concerning your name) from social media platforms. In the digital age, brands are defined by what is found online. Removing unwanted web content can automatically help you have a positive web presence, thereby promoting your channel. It can also provide a competitive advantage essential to your growth and success, which is why it could be a good idea to seek the help of reputation management companies. These companies can do it all, from fixing negative search results to removing personal information online. Remember that the way to climb the ladder of success in the digital era is by having a clean reputation.

Lastly, creating a personal brand on YouTube requires the right strategy and a fair amount of lack to gain momentum. But so long as you find the perfect niche for your interests and provide real value for those in communities in your niche you have a good chance at succeeding. Listening to feedback from your community can provide useful insight into how you can adapt your content to better server your audience.