Tuesday, September 27

How To Become Invaluable at Your Job

Job security, for many, is important. Having a secure position at your current company can help you focus on your work instead of worrying about where you might financially stand going forward. We all know that these days many positions are being outsourced to machines or cut entirely. With a society increasingly changing it can be difficult to keep up, so making sure that your place of work has your back is important. This is why I am going to tell you how to become invaluable at your job.

Take on the Work that Matters

To get the attention of your superiors and help them recognise that you are invaluable you must take on the work that keeps the wheel moving. It might be the least desirable task going but if you do it with a smile and do it well, those that matter will notice. Great managers value and reward those that can do the tasks no one else wants to do with a smile on their face.

You will also get positive attention if you are pushing work that will benefit the company but no one else has time for it. Depending on your workload, it can be hard to focus on all the different responsibilities that you have at the same time, meaning that some will get pushed to the back of the queue. Having someone focus on these jobs, or better still, hiring someone else to do it for you will be of great benefit. For example, if the marketing of your company needs improving, getting in touch with somewhere like this top Denver SEO agency to help do the work for you will be a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. It also means you will be in a good position with your company. As well as this, take on that big client that others shy away from and take pride in the progress you are making for your company. This kind of pride in your work will make you indispensable in your place of work.

This ties into the idea that you need to be thoughtful about the direction your company is going. Do not be a yes man, you will blend in and will not make that impression that makes you invaluable. Encouraging everything to regularly challenge procedure norms can lead to improved efficiency. This work can matter a lot because if you improve how systems operate at your place of work that will make your supervisor look great to their managers. No manager will want to get ride of an employee that makes them look like they are doing a good job.

Be the go too Guy for a particular Skill

Try and become the only person who can do a certain task or a range of tasks at your company. By doing this, when you even take a sick day, your bosses will understand how much you do for your company. Covering bases no one else can is one of the sure-fire ways to become invaluable. Mostly because your supervisor will probably look pretty silly when they try to cover tasks that you are so competent at in comparison.

It helps if that is a task that others in your company have attempted and absolutely loathed. Because of this no one will even try to cover that slack and if they do, they will be wishing you were here. It could be a task as simple as having great rapport with a network of people inside the company. Your absence will be felt because the chain of communication between departments will probably get messy and a lot will start going wrong.

Bring Positive Energy

With everything you do, if you can bring a can-do attitude your co-workers and boss will take notice. Focusing on negative energy will only bring the workplace down and create low motivation so why don’t you become a positive influence on those you work with. Those that approach work with a committed, team-player approach will be a member of the team no one wants to get rid of.

If you walk into a room of co-workers and try to help those that are not even in your immediate team with a helpful approach to problem solving, you could energize your co-workers to do the same. Managers will notice this and see you as a pillar of the corporate community that your business is trying to grow.

To summarize, A lot of little things add up to you being critical to your company’s success. If you come into work with an enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help those around you, you will not struggle to keep your job. Being the go too guy for a particular skill will cement your position in the company further by providing utility that no one else can. Do not fade into the background at work or you could be the next to be fired.