What is Careers4U? »

Careers4u.tv is a unique independent library designed to help people make better informed education and career choices. Interviewees are aged under-30, represent all skill levels and come from organisations of all sizes: global companies to entrepreneurs.

How do I use the site? »

Students use Careers4u for independent exploration of careers.

Parents use Careers4u for exploration with their children; the explore function is a particularly useful way to navigate around.
Teachers use Careers4u for careers advice AND to bring the relevance of subjects taught in the classroom to real life. Our award winning videos for the ‘Future Morph’ series were produced for just that reason.Compilation DVDs with Teacher’s Notes are also available from our on-line shop and can be used both as a careers information resource and to introduce vocational courses.

Do you have a site map? »

Yes. Scroll to the bottom of every page.

When will you be adding more films? »

Every month more interviews will be added to the site. Become a Facebook friend or follow us on Twitter and you will be kept informed of new interviews. Let us know what careers you think should be priority by leaving a comment in the Comment Box on any page.

Can I view some more full length clips for free before I register? »

Certainly, a number of full video clips can be viewed on our Facebook page.

How can I request a link or report a broken link? »

If it is a genuinely useful link, please leave a message in the Comment Box on the relevant page.

Why isn’t Careers4u.tv free? »

Employers do not pay for the production of these interviews. This ensures that there is no editorial pressure and Careers4u.tv serves only our users. ‘If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.’
Andrew Lewis (blue_beetle)

Can Careers4u.tv help me find a job? »

The Useful Links given with each interview may help or try Adzuna which has over 500,000 vacancies across the country.

Something not working?

How to tell us »

There are comment boxes on most pages. Let us know that something’s not working by posting a comment.

Known ongoing issues »

On our facebook page we will post news of known problems and when they are fixed.


Can schools and colleges use Careers4u.tv? »

Yes, either by licence agreement or purchasing DVD titles.

Do you have additional resources for teachers? »

In Teacher’s Notes there are notes and worksheets to familiarise teachers and students with the many different features of Careers4u.tv. There are also notes for teachers across the curricular relating to different academic subjects and topics of careers teaching.

Can I connect using itslearning? »

Yes. There is an itslearning page on this site with full details.

Can Careers4u.tv help me find a job? »

The Useful Links given with each interview may help or try Adzuna which has over 500,000 vacancies across the country.


Will you put up my organisation’s recruitment video on Careers4u.tv? »

Sorry, we feel it is essential that Careers4u.tv remains fully independent – that way viewers know the interviews are entirely genuine. However if you have employees who would like to get involved, please ask them to email us at enquiries@careers4u.tv

Access to site

Why can’t I access the full length clips? »

You need to register

Why can’t I download the videos? »

The videos are streamed and downloading is prevented to comply with the licence agreements. Selected videos are available on DVD from the shop.

Can I pay to only watch one video? »

Some videos are available to view on a pay per view basis. Find out more here.

I haven’t received confirmation that my account has been activated? »

PayPal account activation is automatic

Can I change my password? »

Yes. Please email us at subscriptions@careers4u.tv quoting your username and what you’d like the new password to be.

I have lost my password and cannot login. »

Please email us at subscriptions@careers4u.tv to request a new password.

Getting involved

I’d like to tell you about my career, can I feature in one of your films? »

We are always on the look out for new relevant interviewees. Filming lasts about an hour. Please email us at enquiries@careers4u.tv

Can I submit a clip I have made myself? »

The Careers4u.tv branded clips are made by professionals but non-professionals can post them on our Youtube page. It’s fun and we give great prizes to the best. We also like gap year reports. Let us know if you have one and we can add it to the blog.

Salary Calculator

How up to date is the earnings guide? »

Payscale.com have kindly allowed us to use their UK salary calculator for up to the minute and regionally adjusted figures.

Any other questions

Please email: enquiries@careers4u.tv We’d love to hear from you.

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We will only contact you for genuine offers, opportunities and news of new interviewees or features on Careers4u.tv.

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  1. alord says:

    i was a landscape designer. This is a good job to have on here as teenagers dont know what it involves and is good for students who enjoy science and design.

    The work is very varied too from EIA, Tourism strategy, Environemental plannng to Urban design and small scale inner city projects and working with communities with groups like Groundwork project. Also good to for people who enjoying project based work and working within professional groups.

    You can specialise in Landscape management or landscape ecology. Takes 5 years to qualify which includes a year old work placement than you need another 2 years in a practice.

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