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How Long is a Seasonal Job?

Seasonal work is a great way to make some extra money. Seasonal jobs are also the perfect solution for businesses that need access to extra staff that can work during the busier times of the year.

This allows businesses to keep up with demand while also saving money on salaries since they don’t have to keep paying employees when there isn’t enough work for them to do.

But how long do seasonal roles typically last? Let’s learn more about how long seasonal jobs last, the benefits of temporary work for employers and employees, and share some common seasonal opportunities that are worth exploring further.

How long does a seasonal job last?

Seasonal work is by definition temporary, lasting for a specific period. However, most seasonal jobs last for around three months.

The total length of a short-term position can vary depending on the time of year and industry. For example, many stores hire extra help in the months leading up to the Christmas rush and then let those employees go afterward.

That said, some seasonal jobs can lead to permanent roles. In industries like accommodation and food service where turnover rates are higher,  companies often use seasonal workers to fill in the gaps and then offer them full-time positions if they perform well.

So, while most seasonal jobs will only last a few months, there is potential for them to turn into something more long-term.

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What are the benefits of a seasonal job?

Seasonal contracts have advantages for both employers and employees. Some major benefits include:

  • Employees can earn extra money to save for the holidays or a special purchase. Additionally, some employers may even offer employee discounts. Staff discounts are a great way to bring your bills down and fight rising living costs and discounts can sometimes be shared with family and friends.
  • Seasonal employees may be able to enjoy flexible hours that fit their schedules. Seasonal roles are often part-time, so you can work day or night shifts to suit your lifestyle and commitments.
  • It can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company. If you manage to impress your supervisors there might be an opportunity to take on a permanent position.
  • If your resume is lacking work experience, or if you have gaps in your employment history, seasonal roles can help you build a more solid foundation. Seasonal jobs are fantastic for building contacts and networking so be sure to make a good impression from day one.

How to find a seasonal job

There are a few different ways to go about finding a seasonal job. One way is to search the internet, newspapers, or various job websites. A simple online search for ‘seasonal jobs near me’ should bring up plenty of opportunities in your local area.

Another way is to go through a staffing agency. Staffing agencies typically have a list of jobs that they are currently hiring for and can help you find a job to suit your experience. You can also sign up for tailored job alerts specific to the industry you are interested in.

Alternatively, you can contact places that hire seasonal workers directly. For example, many retail stores hire extra staff during the holiday season. Moreover, if you’re interested in working in a specific industry, it’s worth contacting companies in that industry directly to inquire about seasonal positions.

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Popular seasonal jobs

If you’re looking for a seasonal job, the best time to apply is typically in the late summer or early fall. That’s because many companies start hiring for the holiday season in the early fall, and by applying then you’ll have the best chance of securing a position.


Retailers are always looking for extra cashiers to help customers at the checkout during the holiday season. This is because they expect a large number of customers to visit their stores. The retailers want to make sure that they have enough staff on hand to help customers with their purchases. Customer service skills are highly transferable to other industries outside of the retail sector so be sure to make the most of a cashier role.

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Summer camp counselor

A camp counselor is someone who provides support to children and young adults during summer camp. They are responsible for creating an enjoyable and safe environment for the campers and helping them to have a positive experience. Camp counseling is a great summer job because it allows you to work with kids, and it’s a lot of fun.

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Tax administrator

When tax season comes, most accountants need assistance to help their clients to prepare and file their taxes. Accordingly, if you have a mathematical mind and good data entry skills, a temporary role with a tax preparation company could be the perfect way for you to get a foot in the door with a local accountant.

Ski instructor

A ski instructor is a professional who teaches people how to ski. Skiing is a great way to stay active during the winter, and ski instructors can help people of all skill levels learn how to ski safely and enjoyably. Ski instruction is a great seasonal job because it’s unique and rewarding, and you get to spend time outdoors.

Tour guide

Working as a tour guide is a great way to spend the busy summer months. As a tour guide, you’ll be responsible for showing tourists around your city or town. You’ll also be responsible for providing information about the history and culture of the area. It’s a fascinating job, and it allows you to meet new people and learn about new places.

Seasonal roles can shape your career path

Seasonal jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door and start networking with potential employers. They can also lead to permanent, full-time positions if you make a good impression. Above all, seasonal roles can be competitive so it’s important to be proactive about finding new opportunities before the season starts.

Have you ever worked a seasonal job? Get in touch and share your experiences and tips.

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