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Consumer Services As A Career Path – Worth Considering?

Many people feel comfortable solving problems that consumers have and keeping them happy about their company’s products and services. If that’s something one is thinking about, it might be wise to pursue a career in consumer services because it could be intriguing and exciting.

A career path in consumer services is an excellent choice because it gives people many opportunities for professional growth and career development. With that experience, it’s easily transferrable from one business niche to another. Plus, people are valued by those companies as being an expert.

What does a career in consumer services entail? Could it be a good career path in today’s world because of the valuable experience offered by businesses? Here’s everything to know about consumer support and why it matters!

What’s Consumer Services?

Consumer services is actually a broad term that focuses on the delivery and creation of various services provided directly to the end consumers instead of organizations and companies. Professionals working in the consumer services industry must improve the consumer experience in any way possible.

Overall, consumer spending for consumer services and consumer goods in the US equals trillions of dollars each year. Therefore, it’s a large percentage of the American economy. Plus, the consumer services field has future plans to keep adding job roles. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the average salary for the 2020 year was about $35,830.

Though it might not be possible to earn the big bucks, people don’t require a bachelor’s degree for such options. As long as a person understands the low entry requirements, they rarely need higher education and can gain experience as they go.

Examples of Consumer Services

Here are the top industries falling into the consumer services category:

  • Trade services
  • Information technology
  • Real estate
  • Media
  • Health insurance and care
  • Leisure
  • Retail
  • Finance

While other consumer services are available, these industries are broad enough to encompass many career options related to customer interactions. It’s possible to approach each one from that standpoint when searching for a career.

Career Options in the Consumer Services Industry

There are many different types of consumer services, and all jobs within focus strongly on having a positive attitude and giving the best experience to others. Here are the typical positions within the consumer services category:

Customer Service Representative

Every company relies on customer service representatives because they’re in direct contact with the consumers. Typically, they’re found answering questions, offering support for services and products, and ensuring that the customer is happy with what they have.

Customer service jobs make up most of the consumer services industry. Primarily, they work with external customers, serving consumers daily. Whether in the service department or as a cashier, a customer representative is in high demand at all retail locations.

Overall, a consumer services agent talks to customers through phone, email, live chat, and in person. Therefore, the skills needed include strong communication skills, the ability to keep people satisfied, providing accurate information, and talking plainly. Companies often make it easy for someone to become a service representative.

Market Researcher

Understanding consumer behavior and markets are crucial for businesses everywhere. Market researchers are there for the job. These people must learn the habits of consumers to give them products and services they need to meet their needs efficiently.

Businesses tend to have a competitive advantage because of that. Overall, these careers also tie in with consumer service providers who can adjust and improve things to boost profit and sales.

Service Designer

A service designer is there to create and optimize each part of the consumer service delivery process. This often requires backtracking the steps that consumers take, understanding how they interact with services, and making appropriate improvements.

Quality Control Specialist

Quality control specialists are supervisors who ensure that consumer delivery service is done based on established quality standards. This job focuses on communicating with service delivery staff and the customers, training new recruits, and supervising the delivery of consumer products.

Service Manager

The service manager is part of middle management. Key responsibilities often include training, management of service delivery, supporting service delivery staff, and organizing.

Customer services here focus on providing excellent service to the end consumers. A business can earn more sales and money with such support, so it’s crucial to consider this aspect in today’s ever-changing world.

Service Provider

Overall, customer service is crucial for all forms of service provision to the end customers. Once someone acquires a trade and becomes a professional who delivers service, they see many benefits from following the best practices.

They’re always in high demand, and each customer service job has its own needs. For example, health care is a great choice for many reasons. To be successful in health care, people must understand the business and industry thoroughly.

Getting a Job in the Consumer Services Industry

Before applying for a job in consumer services, people should understand the steps to take. They’ve already decided this could be a good career path for them, so they must:

Understand the Industry

It’s natural to get drawn into certain industries, but it’s best to focus on the ones that bring passion. Then, research them thoroughly and carefully.

For example, find out about the top companies within those industries and how they operate. Determine their service-related problems, the customers, what services they provide, and everything else. This can be crucial for the job interview later.

Refine the Skill Set

Working with customers means having patience and an ability to listen. Problem-solving skills, active listening, and decision-making are all needed for customer interactions.

However, there are many job skills to consider, such as excellent communication skills and having a background in a foreign language.

The best part is that a person doesn’t require expensive degrees to gain the various skills necessary. Most businesses offer opportunities without getting higher education.

It’s important to know what skills the company requires to determine if it’s an ideal choice.

Approach Appropriate Companies

It’s important to have a deep understanding of the company before applying with them. Find out what its mission and goals are and think about values and company culture.

Businesses like it when potential employees show an interest. Consider common types of companies, find out which ones are hiring, and start applying!

Create an Outstanding Resume

Before job hunting, it’s important to have a resume tailored for the consumer services field. It’s best to highlight soft skills and appropriate industry knowledge. During job interviews, make it a point to show an understanding of customer-centric business models. If you have an existing resume, it’s important to ensure that you update it. You can read our article on how to do this here.

Impress the Hiring Managers

The goal during the job interview for consumer services positions is to turn it all into a passionate discussion. During the interview, highlight a passion for serving customers, having great conversation skills, and show interest in the industry.

Typically, interviews for consumer services jobs turn into simulated conversations between the company representatives (candidates) and customers (the hiring manager).

Anticipate that and prepare for the role, showing that this is a good career.

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path? Why?

Now, most industries focus on consumer services. Specialists are highly valued by businesses, and there are many job opportunities. Here are a few reasons why this could be a good career path for some:

Low Entry Level

A person only needs a high school diploma to get a new job in the consumer services sector. Employees get trained on stress reduction, cross-selling products, temperament, and promoting the well-being of the clients.

Transferable Professional Experience

Typically, consumer services jobs offer a full-time position. People must understand customers and keep them happy, which is directly related to how successful the company is. It’s easy to transfer that experience to other jobs later.

Career Progression

After entering the field, there are many ways to climb the career ladder. Consumer services is a large subject, so someone might start as a cashier, ringing up customers. They might then shift to the resolution team or become part of management.

Countless Amazing Companies

Many companies do cool things within the world. Therefore, the consumer services field offers a low-entry way to join. Who knows where that career path can take people later?

Always Relevant and Always Changing

Consumer services work because businesses need them. However, consumer behaviors might change, so the specialist has to keep up with these companies to adjust. That’s what makes it exciting!

Potential to Work from Home

Many stay-at-home parents prefer businesses that let them work from home. It’s easy to save money on fuel, and they can go to the parent company if necessary.

Understanding customers is the top priority, so it doesn’t matter if someone works at a home facility or the office.

Use of Various Technologies

Businesses are focused on cutting-edge technology more than ever now. Employees have to be proficient in them, and consumer services allows people to use cloud-computing platforms and understand them better.

What Companies Are Primarily in the Consumer Services Field?

Consumer services are everywhere, and here are the businesses offering careers in the field:

  • Walt Disney Company
  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Costco
  • Comcast
  • Uber
  • FedEx

If it’s a household name, it’s focused on customer service. Everyone can work for these large businesses.

There are other businesses like these, and any of them could make a great career path.


Is consumer services a good career path? It’s often a lucrative job and could be a person’s dream career. Many businesses offer consumer service options and customer service roles. However, dealing with angry customers is part of the job.

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