Monday, June 27

5 Reasons You Should Learn 3D Animation

3D animation has become an increasingly popular art form in recent years. With technological developments constantly propelling what is possible in the 3D animation space. Computing can render incredibly detailed characters and scenes that were not possible even 10 years ago. Therefore, I am going to give you 8 reasons why you should learn 3D animation.

You want to do Illustration related work

Back in the day, conventional illustration techniques and drawn art were all we knew. But today, 3D tools have changed most of the illustration work market. This kind of illustrated work is far more efficient, more economical for your clients, and offers you the ability to create photo-realistic results.

A still image also has its limitations, back in the day that is all we could do. Drawing multiple images to illustrate how a product would look. But thanks to 3D modelling you can create one amazing looking model that can be viewed from any angle. This has definitely improved the prototyping phase for illustrators in corporate environments.

You are Interested in Creating Animated Features and Characters

Although cell animation still exists in some capacity, 3D animation is now the mainstream of all major shops in a wide variety of industries. Creating memorable, detailed characters takes creativity but also some serious technical skill. 3D animation also gives tools that will help your creativity flow in new directions, enabling you to push your creative process towards building unique characters.

Older methods have their charm, sure, but currently cannot compete with industry requirements. And it is only set to continue to grow as many businesses will require captivating mascots for their products and services. Being at the ready to meet their requirements with 3D animation will put you ahead of the pack.

You want to work in Motion Picture Production

3D animation plays a critical role in modern filmmaking, as 3DGuy Reports. Storyboards are often still the first step in making a film, but after that teams of 3D animators step in. More and more movies incorporate 3D objects edited in via green screen into their film scenes. This has become a massive part of blockbuster Hollywood so if you are looking to get a job in the film industry 3D animation can take you there.

You need to Make your Mult Media Presentations more Engaging

Today’s corporate employee, consultant and CEO all need to be able to captivate whoever they are pitching to. With a working knowledge of 3D animation, you can create dynamic infographics and ebooks, produce immersive shows and events, and make animated graphics and “how-to” videos for your website.

Anyone who has worked in any kind of marketing will understand that engagement with advertisements is key. This is why using the right medium to create a memorizing advert for whatever you are pitching is critical for the success of the product. You need to wow your audience and with some well-executed 3D animation you can do just that.

You might want to work in Industrial and Product Design

It is impossible to work in industrial and product design environments without understanding 3D animation tools. If you take the example of the aerospace machining industry, the first step that they would be incorporating is product prototyping. You might be asked to create computerized versions of the designed products before you create them in real life. This is a common approach for those who are creating prototype designs in any industry that is taking a design leap in their production process; you can go to for an example of a company who does this.

By creating a 3D model of you want to create, you will be able to better pitch this idea to your bosses and it will be easier to find design flaws before you waste materials creating prototypes.

To conclude, 3D animation tools are useful in a wide range of industries. But even outside of their utility, they open an entirely new world of expression for those with a creative flair. You can bring characters and worlds to life that you could never create otherwise with fantastic 3D animation technologies. Because of this, 3D animation is considered an art form in its own right.