Monday, June 27

3 New Ways to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

If you want to establish an engaged and innovative workforce, then it is fundamental that you foster an environment that is conducive to creativity. Creative thinking is all about introducing new ideas and ways of operating that can maximise productivity while at the same time encouraging individual career advancement.

However, not all businesses understand the importance of creativity, and therefore there are companies out there that allow their workplace environments to become stale and uninspiring. Without creativity, employees can quickly become dissatisfied not only with their job but also with the company as a whole and this can lead to poor retention rates and a reduction in profits.

So, let us discover 3 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace that can help your business to succeed.

  1. Focus on Company Culture

There are no doubts about it, if you want your employees to feel happy about coming to work, then you need to foster a company culture that is welcoming and fulfilling. Try to establish a singular shared focus for everyone to strive towards.

When company cultures become dysfunctional, this can have a serious impact on employee creativity and wellbeing. You can head over to to read more about why employee health and wellbeing should matter. Instead, instill a culture of purpose. This means that each employee should understand their role within the business and must have their own targets and goals tailored towards their abilities, skills, experiences, and tasks. To accomplish this, companies must provide them with a good working environment, the right technology, and necessary software solutions such as OKR software, for instance. You can find out more about such software systems at

Furthermore, personal connections in the workplace often begin through a fun and collaborative environment. Everyone should feel as if they are working together towards a common pursuit that benefits the entire company.

Feeling unsure about how to encourage interaction? If so, provide opportunities for the different departments of your company to share ideas and try to explore unique ways for them to help each other out so that they can complete their responsibilities more effectively.

Incorporating different employee training programs will help your workers to understand further how certain tasks should be completed, and if successful, they will be able to use their creative side to push the company forward and achieve new heights. It is worthwhile knowing that employee training programs should be fine-tuned consistently to be effective as if they are not, it will be hard to see the creative change that you want to see between departments in the workplace.

It should also be noted that diversity in the workplace is hugely important. When people from diverse cultural, ethnic, and educational backgrounds come together around a common goal, new possibilities for growth can be introduced.

  1. Give Lateral Thinking a Try

When creating new products and services it is important to stay open to new ideas from your workforce. Quite often the most revolutionary ideas for your business can come from within your own company. After all, your employees are some of the most well-equipped people to help you to better understand the needs of your customers.

In order to encourage unconventional solutions, you must create an environment that makes it possible to abandon logic. Consequently, during your next group discussion, try asking provocative ‘what if?’ style questions that prompt unique solutions to complex problems.

From the onset of your session, explain the purpose of the discussion to your employees and tell them to abandon any fears of judgement resulting from unusual ideas. Lateral thinking techniques are naturally boundless, however, to structure your discussion, focus on presenting alternative concepts to breed new ideas, and aim to sharpen or change your focus to improve your creative efforts.

Doing so can enable your team to challenge and break free from the limits of accepted ways of operating. From here, you can select the best of any early ideas and shape these thoughts into useable approaches that can fit into the products and services offered by your business.

  1. Encourage Flexibility

Sometimes all it takes is a shift of perspective to come up with your next big idea. Therefore, if possible, provide your employees with opportunities to work in different environments. With more companies relying on remote workers than ever before, this might involve allowing your team to work on some tasks from home.

Flexible work policies can increase productivity by cutting down on transit time and allowing for a healthier work-life balance. At first, it might seem like a risk, but the rewards of this newfound freedom can be hugely beneficial for your employees. Provided that your team is given appropriate support and opportunities to connect as and when necessary, creativity should start to flow effortlessly.

Flexibility in the workplace should also involve providing your employees with frequent opportunities to give feedback and suggestions. This might mean having an open-door policy or creating an anonymous environment for people to share ideas without fear of being identified. The thoughts and feelings of your team should always be taken into consideration and listening to what they have to say can go a long way in ensuring the long-term success of your company.
Ultimately, creativity in the workplace requires flexible approaches to working and a robust company culture that celebrates the achievements of employees. Above all, by encouraging new ways of thinking and implementing innovative company-wide strategies, your business can build a solid foundation for future success.