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Introduction is a completely independent and impartial careers library featuring interviews with young employees and entrepreneurs who have been filmed in the workplace so you can see what their working life is really like.

Our main aim is to give you inspiration, spark some ideas and, maybe, even help you decide what you don’t want to do.

Sometimes there is too much choice. is here to help you make sense of the options.

How we’re different

There are a lot of good career guidance resources online but we pride ourselves on being the best in our field.

  • We’re independent so you won’t find companies trying to sell to you.
  • We have more variety, from start-ups to multinationals, from highly commercial and competitive companies to social and community-based organisations of all sizes.
  • We feature opportunities for all skill and entry levels, apprentices, graduates, non-graduates, post-grads etc.
  • We’re more user-friendly, and offer the ability to explore opportunities by Favourite Subject, Qualifications, Lifestyle, Industry Sector and / or Type of Business.
  • We’re professional film-makers who ruthlessly edit out the irrelevant chitchat to give you only the information that is useful, meaningful and relevant to the decisions you have to make.  We won’t waste your time with fluff.
    • All our videos feature people under 30-years old and most are in their early or mid 20s.
      It’s like talking to a mate or your older brother, sister or cousin.

About the interviewees interviewees talk about the realities of their careers: what they do, the skills they need, how they hope to progress and most importantly what they enjoy – and sometimes – what they don’t!  More information, facts and figures are available through the links we provide with each video.

Our interviewees are an eclectic mix! Some have loads of qualifications and work for global organisations; others left school at 16 and have become successful business people or craftsmen. Each one is an individual who has given their time because they wish they had been able to get first-hand careers information when they were younger.

How to use the site

  • Students use Careers4u for independent exploration of careers.
  • Parents use Careers4u for exploration with their children;  the explore function is a particularly useful way to navigate around.
  • Teachers use Careers4u for careers advice AND to bring the relevance of subjects taught in the classroom to real life.
  • Our award winning videos for the ‘Future Morph’ series were produced for just that reason.
    Compilation DVDs with Teacher’s Notes are also available from our on-line shop and can be used both as a careers information resource and to introduce vocational courses.
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  1. clopez says:

    hi there!

    This is a fantastic resource and the case studies look amazing and very useful but I work for a college where more than 50% of the learners are African or Afro-Caribbean and there quite a few Western, easter Europeans and Asians. I guess the role models in the videos are slightly out of tune with the reality here at the collge. Could you not try to include more mixed race examples so that modt people can identify with them and get inspired?

    Many thanks


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