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Nearly every parent we’ve shown the site has said,

“Fantastic………I wish I’d had that when I was young.”

Well, now you do!

Decisions  Decisions

We sometimes forget how important the decisions made at school are in determining the careers people end up doing.

What GCSEs? What A levels? Do they go to university, get a job or apply for an apprenticeship?  What would it be like to start a business?

At we know that teenagers place great faith in the views of people closer to their own age so we invited hundreds of young people already in the workplace to tell us about their careers and give their tips on getting started.

We know from feedback that this peer-to-peer style advice works – and can even encourage teenagers to persevere at subjects they find challenging if there is a positive end goal.

How you can help

Parents play an important role in the career decision making process and they like this site because it enables them to explore, with their children, many different types of jobs, industries, trades and working lifestyles.

Our main aim is to give you inspiration and spark some ideas.

  • Explore what’s on offer yourself. You know your child. Take a look at the site and find some careers he or she might enjoy but might not think of looking at. Search by Favourite Subject, Qualifications, Lifestyle, Industry Sector and / or Type of Business.
  • Encourage them to think beyond the immediate future. Their current decision could potentially open or close doors to future options.
  • Suggest they save clips as they go along and revisit them later.
  • Follow the Useful Links given with each video to get more information about the interviews that interest you.
  • Get your children fixed up with work experience in the holidays.  It will be the best thing you ever did. is here to help you help your children make sense of the options and take the right decision at the right time.

You get what you pay for

There are a lot of good career guidance resources online and we pride ourselves on offering the best impartial video resource for careers information.  (See what makes us different).

Better still,  all the videos have links so you can find out more about salary, entry routes, qualifications, etc.  There are also sections to help with A-levels and degree choices.

For just £24.95 you will be giving your child access to hundreds of informative videos plus support information – a small price to pay when they need some inspiration.

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