Teacher’s Notes

Introducing Students to Careers4u.tv

Teacher’s Notes and two worksheets, one with clues, introduce students to the different features of the website and is the start of their career journey.


Careers4u.tv as a classroom resource

A useful lesson plan that can be used in conjunction with any of the interviews. Suitable for careers sessions and cross-curricular teaching, it encourages students to consider their personal strengths, suitability for a job role, and to recognise the value of things they may have studied in lessons.


Careers IAG Topics

The clips grouped below can be used as a resource to illustrate different topics of careers IAG.


Cross-Curricular Notes

These links will help teachers identify great interviews for giving workplace context to their subject:

To find other clips relevant to your teaching subject visit the Explore page and look under Favourite Subject (academic)  or Industry Sector (vocational) listings.


Notes for DVD Users

Teacher’s Notes for all Careers4u DVD titles are given below. They give summaries of each interview, information about qualifications and salaries, and links to relevant sources of further information. The interviews can all be found on www.careers4u.tv. Careers4u DVDs are designed to help students make effective learning choices and start thinking about their future careers.

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