What is Careers4u.tv?


Here you will find 100’s of video interviews with young people who tell you what is enjoyable
about their job and what it involves. The whole site is set up to help you explore what’s out there – including jobs you’ve never heard of.

How can Careers4u.tv help me?

Having an idea of the kind of work you might enjoy, makes it easier to take decisions – whatever stage in life you’ve reached.

The best way to use Careers4u.tv is to start by surfing some interviews. Follow the Similar Jobs links below each interview to explore new ideas.

When you find an area of work you think you might enjoy, follow links to find out more about them. Look for links on the right hand side of the pages as well as below the videos.

Start by looking at the Explore page or watching the 1 minute introduction video.

Choosing GCSEs

We normally do best in subjects we enjoy. Search for careers that use those subjects on the Explore page.

Leaving school

We have lots of ideas for school leavers. Look for GCSE or Apprenticeship on the explore page. See also the Post-16 Education Choices page.

Choosing A-levels

A-level choices are very important. As well as the interviews there are several pages showing what different courses can lead to. Career Ideas.


As well as searching Apprenticeships on the Explore page, look for other people working in the industry that interests you. It will help you see the broader picture.


Choosing a degree course involves so many things. Seeing where it might lead should be one of them.

After Uni

A good degree will take you so many places. Get some great ideas here (ideally before you graduate). Work experience in the holidays will give you first hand experience of employers as well as a better chance of getting your dream job.


Discover what careers you may enjoy!


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