Which GCSEs?

Get some career ideas now!

You can EXPLORE by Favourite Subject, if you like.

Quick tips for choosing GCSEs …

  1. We do best in subjects we enjoy. Take a look at the careers relating to your favourite subjects.
  2. Go for quality not quantity.  Better to get fewer GCSEs with good grades than loads with weaker results.
  3. A good spread of subjects will keep most options open and show you have all-round ability.
  4. Choose subjects you are good at even if you feel like a change.  At a higher level they may become more interesting.
  5. Learn something new.  Discover what your school offers? Film making, graphic design, outdoor pursuits?
  6. Make sure to include one subject you love even if it’s considered lightweight – everyone needs a bit of fun.
  7. If you know what career you want, check out qualifications you will need.

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