Choosing A Levels and alternatives

Whatever stage of education you’ver reached, it helps to think about the sort of career you would enjoy.

Career inspiration

There are 100s of interviews on where young people talk about their work and the qualifications that got them started. To find interviews that match your strengths  follow the Favourite Subject links on the EXPLORE page to get information from people doing the jobs, or take a look at our Career Ideas.

Keeping your options open

If you have no fixed ideas choosing from the following ‘facilitating’ A-levels or IB courses will keep the range of degree courses open to you as wide as possible.
(For video clips of jobs related to each subject, click on the links.)

Combining vocational and academic courses

You may prefer to combine vocational courses, such as those leading to BTEC Level 3 National qualifications or Cambridge Technicals offered by OCR, with academic qualifications. If you want to apply to university you can look at this list for information about entry requirements.

IB diploma programme

The two-year IB Diploma Programme offers students the opportunity to study a broader range of subjects while focussing on three or four at a higher level.For information on subjects combinations offered within the IB Diploma Programme follow this link.

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