Public Services

Senior Prison Officer
Debi (28) works at an adult male prison. She looks after offenders and audits all areas of the prison.

Trading Standards Officer
Tom (28) works for Wiltshire County Council. Much of the time he is out of the office making routine inspections of premises and investigating rogue trader complaints.

Housing Management Assistant
Lee (22) works for the Income Team at Dudley Council. She helps council tenants who are falling behind with payments, and advises tenants who would like to exercise their Right to Buy.

Museum Assistant Front of House
Daniel (26) works at a museum on Hadrian’s Wall. He looks after visitors, gives guided tours, helps with basic maintenance and the setting up of exhibits, and takes his turn as duty officer.

Diary Administration Support Officer
Radeea (21) works at Job Centre Plus helping with the administration of appointments and reception duties.

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