Challenging Gender Stereotypes

As with other products, the production is high quality, the interviews well structured and paced, and the interviewees talk with great enthusaism about their work, how they got into it and what their ambitions are. They are excellent ambassadors for the careeers and sectors they represent. There is plenty of scope to use the resource in planned learning sessions with young people as part of careers education or PSHE education. (ACEG Newsletter 2011)


Senior Playworker
Liam (21) works at a co-operative play group and has recently been made a Director.

Senior Prison Officer
Debi (28) works at a Category C adult male prison.

Chef de Partie
Camilla (21) trained with Gordon Ramsey and enjoys working in professional kitchesn although although they can be pressurised and male dominated.

Farm Manager
Laura (26) is responsible for the day to day management of a large arable farm.

Structural Engineer
Rachael (29) is part of the design team at one of Arup’s main UK offices.

Motorsport Engineer
Geraldine (23) builds and maintains single seater racing cars at Castle Combe Circuit.

Reception Supervisor
Lee (24) manages a busy client check in desk at Urban Retreat, the Harrods hair and beauty salon.

Chartered Accountant
Naima (27) is an associate director at Brandenberg Securities, a city firm specialising in corporate finance.

Sports Inclusion Officer
Caryl (23) works for Bath Rugby Community Foundation coaching children and young adults with special needs.

Control Systems Engineer
Aoife (25) is working on landing gear systems for Airbus in the UK.

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