Careers in STEM

“This resource provides a valuable insight into the world of work with current up-to-date information provided through ‘quick-fire’ interviews with young people following STEM-related careers. It will provide a very useful addition to any teacher’s resource bank.“  Careers Guidance Today

CONTENTS: 10 x 5-minute workplace interviews representing a range of graduate and non-graduate careers

Andrew (25) works at the National Audit Office so needs excellent numerical skills and good communication skills.

Giles (29) went straight from school to setting up his own company designing paragliders, drones and flying cars.

Conservation Scientist
Philippa (25) is studying for a PhD in Textile Technology and researching the mechanical and physical properties of tapestries at Hampton Court.

Technical Director
Liza (26) is completing a thesis on vibrational analysis for a PHD in Engineering and is Technical Director of her own company, True Snowboards.

Chartered Civil Engineer
Liz (27) is managing a railway embankment stabilisation scheme.  She is the only female working on-site.

Aseptic Manufacturer
Lisa (25) left school with AS levels in chemistry and biology. Since then she has worked for six years for a drugs manufacturing company and gained regular training and promotions.

Vehicle Breakdown Engineer
Abdul (26) works for AA Rescue. He needs strong technical skills and the ability to assess the seriousness of a breakdown swiftly.

Plant Maintenance Engineer
Jake (17) works for D S Smith Packaging, manufacturers of packaging for the food industry.

Materials Engineer Metallurgist
Muhammed (26) has a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering and works at Tata Steel.

Species Conservation Research Officer
Julia (27) is a research officer at the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust.

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