Business and Administration

Database Administrator
Emma (28) runs her organisation’s database across the South-west.

Events Administrator
Dominic (23) works in an administration role at Madame Tussauds and assists in event organisation.

Product Manager
Nicholas (30) worked his way up through administration, customer services and sales to gain a managerial role in manufacturing.

Social Housing Administrator
Lee (22) works for the Income Team for her local council. She needs good maths and people skills.

Sports Centre Receptionist
Francesca (20) works shifts on reception and took up the opportunity to train to be a gym instructor.

Young Enterprise Director
Karl (29) runs the Young Enterprise Initiative for the African and Carribean Chamber of Commerce and is Director of a social media training organisation.

Legal Management PA
Jemma (24) has risen through the ranks from junior legal secretary to Legal Management PA reporting directly to the Director of Finance and Marketing.

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£49.50 + £9.90 VAT

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