Theatre Assistant
Natasha (aged 17) is an apprentice working at a young peoples’ theatre helping young people with problems gain confidence through performance.

Museum Assistant
Daniel (26) works at a museum on Hadrian’s Wall. He first went there on work experience.

Designer Craftsman
Ian (28) has always been inspired by fine furniture. After a 5-year traditional apprenticeship he set up on his own and enjoys the freedom to develop his own designs.

Payroll and HR Assistant
Natalie (18) works for a Lloyds insurance company in their HR Department. She joined as an apprentice
working for the office manager and the executive directors.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Aman (24) works in brand communications at Panasonic and is responsible for their UK website and on-line shop.

Social Housing Administrator
Leanne (aged 22) works in the housing department at Dudley Metropolitan Council. They have thousands of properties to let and when any become available she identifies suitable tenants.

Electrical Mechanical Engineer
Gareth (19) is an apprentice at a quarry. He works within a seven-man team who are responsible for the repair of all the quarry plant and equipment.


£49.50 + £9.90 VAT

£49.50 + £9.90 VAT

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