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This short clip will show you how to find your way around the site.

When you find jobs that might interest you follow the links to find out more about them. There are also useful pages of information on Post-16 education and What Degree?

Notes for Careers Advisers and Subject Teachers


Careers Advisers value Careers4u for insights into the world of work that will broaden horizons and motivate students as they prepare for their working lives. You may find these introductory notes and worksheets useful.  You may also like to read how one careers adviser uses as an integral part of the Career Development Process.


Teachers across the curriculum use Careers4u to bring the relevance of subjects taught in the classroom to real life – Our award winning videos for the ‘Future Morph’ series were produced for just that reason. You can find clips for  all subjects on the EXPLORE page. In Teacher’s Notes we have guides for core subject teachers.


The Association of Careers Education and Guidance have kindly supplied these guidelines.

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  1. admin says:

    Hello aubrey

    In these videos young people tell you what it’s like to do the jobs they do.

    Hopefully they will give you some ideas about what you might want to do yourself.

    They are honest and say what’s bad as well as good.

    Good hunting!

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