Hotel Operations Manager

Hotel Operations Manager

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Earnings Guide
Approx 30,000
Lauren's Qualifications
A Levels: Art, Media Studies, English and Sociology, In-house training

Lauren (22) left school after A’ levels and joined Premier Inn. She rose rapidly through the ranks through hard work and responding positively to opportunities. She now looks after 40 staff and manages operations at a central London hotel. Her job involves auditing standards at the hotel, financial analysis and sales activities. She has benefited from in-house training programmes and learning skills from her managers. (GM = General Manager!) M091

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2 Responses to Hotel Operations Manager

  1. admin says:

    She started at 17 with no contacts within the hotel chain and worked very hard! She did have a general manager above her.

  2. admin says:

    Admin reposted from youtube

    Goktugerol1 says:

    She is 22 years old and she is manager.. I cant believe it. I think she had an influence ..etc

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