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Careers4u in the Career Development process

‘I offer access to videos to all my clients to enable them to freely peruse the videos from thier home in their own time.

However, I find that the most effective use of the site is as an integral part of the “Career Development process” which starts with the client taking the Morrisby Profiling assessment.

Once the Morrisby Report has been produced I hold a feedback session to explain it, to help the client understand him/herself better.

The career suggestions are discussed and I ask the client to select 2 or 3 of the suggested careers which most appeal.  Goals and action plans are then developed, one of which is to explore their career possibilities.

This exploration involves “desk research” by reading appropriate web sites, publications, etc, talking with professionals and by watching relevant videos.  For the ultimate reality check, I suggest they organise a period of work shadow or work experience in their chosen career.  However, to save time, a well-chosen video can offer a large measure of the reality check.

This is where is essential as the videos it contains offer “the facts” without glamourising the careers (as many professional associations do in their promotional videos). Real professionals are interviewed who can speak with a passion for their work but still give the reality of the “pros and cons”. I strongly recommend my clients to watch these and to try to imagine themselves in that role, doing that job…how does it feel? I encourage them to delve in to their “inner self” and listen to their gut feelings.

If, after watching a video, they find that the career is not for them, it has saved them valuable time by not pursuing it further. If the career still appeals, then the client can continue to research the career and organise work experience.

The videos are especially useful for young people who have little or no knowledge of the world of work, by offering them a glimpse of that world in a safe, non-threatening way.’

Ann Lord Careers and Education Services 2013

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