Bakery Owner

Bakery Owner

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Duncan's Qualifications
French Baccalaureat: sciences
BSc: Computer Science

Eco-entrepreneur, Duncan (27) started his first business venture while still at school. His new business is The Thoughtful Bread Company – a small award-winning bakery supplying organic breads to farm shops and restaurants. It also has its own small retail outlet. He says his computer science degree has helped with business administration, and for developing the business website and on-line shop.  He talks of his exciting plans for the future and believes it is never too late to change your mind if you discover a real passion. M105

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One Response to Bakery Owner

  1. freebie says:

    Great help on starting a buisness, especially the advertising online and the mailing list. I live in Bath and have tried the beetroot bread. Taste better now I know the preparation into it. Thanks for the tips!

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