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  • Teacher – Primary (1)
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  • Mechanical Engineer (1)
  • Petroleum Engineer (1)
  • Architect (1)
  • Vet (1)
  • Interpreter (1)
  • Psychologist (1)
  • Wine Trader (1)
  • Estate Agent (1)
  • Landscape Designer (1)
  • CAD designer
  • Quantity Surveyor


2 Responses to New interview requests

  1. celia says:

    Art Gallery Assistant, please

  2. admin says:

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    alord says:
    March 19, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    i was a landscape designer. This is a good job to have on here as teenagers dont know what it involves and is good for students who enjoy science and design.

    The work is very varied too from EIA, Tourism strategy, Environemental plannng to Urban design and small scale inner city projects and working with communities with groups like Groundwork project. Also good to for people who enjoying project based work and working within professional groups.

    You can specialise in Landscape management or landscape ecology. Takes 5 years to qualify which includes a year old work placement than you need another 2 years in a practice.

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